Looking for feedback from someone who cares? 

I love reading scripts - ANY script - and one of the only things I enjoy as much as reading a script is analyzing that script's story and articulating how it can be improved.  I have been doing this for a long time: for production companies, under professional Story Editors and for my filmmaker peers.  Every writer who has received feedback from me has been amazed by the amount of time, focus, and attention to detail which I apply to their work.

See for yourself! Here is a sample of my Story Coverage: 

I enjoy helping writers - be they students, hobbyists, aspiring amateurs, or professionals - work towards a further grasp of their craft.  I understand that screenwriting platitudes and big picture critiques will only go so far in helping a learning writer improve their story.

What I offer:

  • In-depth notes on a page-by-page basis. I highlight specific moments, lines, descriptive sentences and formatting errors that could be improved, fixed or replaced.  I make these notes in real time as I read your script, so even the smallest detail does not go overlooked!
  • Big picture critiques.  I break down what I think needs to be improved about the overall plot, the characters' journeys, and any other important issues regarding the story's overall theme, tone & direction.
  • Conclusions.  I sum-up the most important problems impeding the script's success.
  • Suggestions.  I offer my own personal ideas for changing plot elements, re-writing scenes or characters, and options for taking the story in a totally new direction.  Any new idea I propose as an improvement to your script will be owned by you; I will not request any ownership or royalties for offering constructive ideas!  More details re: ownership & confidentiality below.

How to hire me:

To purchase my services, just send an introductory email to this address: andrew.d.delmonte@gmail.com.  Included in this email will be your name, the length of your script, and the service package you would like to purchase (listed below).  After you receive an email confirmation from me, you will send me:

  • A PDF copy of your script
  • An e-transfer consisting of the total price of the package you are purchasing 

You will repeat the same process for any subsequent drafts you wish to send me.

Your story notes will be emailed to you within 1 week (7 days) of the date of your payment.  If you have not received your notes within 7 days of the date of your payment, you are entitled to a FULL REFUND.

If you have any questions or concerns at any point in the process, I encourage you to email me at andrew.d.delmonte@gmail.com


My pricing is broken down according to the length of your script. Here are the four options I offer:

SHORT FILM (1-15 pages*)
1st Draft: $50 CAD
Subsequent Drafts: $30 CAD/draft

SHORT FILM (16-45 pages*)
1st Draft: $100 CAD
Subsequent Drafts: $50 CAD/draft

FEATURE FILM (46-120 pages*)
1st Draft: $200 CAD
Subsequent Drafts: $100 CAD/draft

FEATURE FILM (120+ pages*)
1st Draft: $250 CAD dollars
Subsequent Drafts: $150 CAD/draft

*I am flexible when it comes to page count in that if you submit a script that is one or two pages above the page limit entailed by your desired category (say, 17 pages, or 46 pages) I will charge you for the cheaper package.  Please clarify this with me in your introductory email.


By agreeing to provide feedback for your script I am promising not to share details regarding yourself, your story, your characters or your premise with any third party without your explicit permission to do so.  I am acknowledging that I do not own any percentage of any part of your script, concept, premise, or story; nor do I own any percentage of any concept or idea which I offer to you as a means to improve your story.  I am promising not to intentionally duplicate any specific aspect of your story, premise, or characters in any of my own work.  I cannot guarantee that any scene, character or premise in any of my future work will not bear an unintentional, superficial similarity to any scene, character or premise from your script, but I acknowledge that if I duplicate the specifics of any scene, character or premise from your script in any of my future work then I will be in violation of this agreement.  You will have agreed to these conditions by agreeing to hire me to provide feedback for your script.